Disabled Persons Freedom Pass

The Freedom Pass for disabled people is funded by your local borough council and gives free travel on most public transport in London 24 hours a day (after 9.30am on most National Rail services within the London area), including all day at weekends and on public holidays. This pass may also be used to travel on local bus services in the rest of England under the terms of the Concessionary Bus Travel Act 2007.


You can apply for the Disabled Persons Freedom Pass if your sole or principal residence is in the London Borough of Bexley and you have any of the statutory disabilities listed in the Transport Act 2000.

The statutory disabilities which make someone eligible for a disabled person’s Freedom Pass are:

1) People who are blind or partially sighted – please provide a copy of a Certificate of Visual Impairment.

2) People who are profoundly or severely deaf – a copy of an audiogram will be required.

3) People without speech – supporting medical evidence to be supplied with the application.

4) People who have a disability, or have suffered an injury, which has left them with a substantial and long-term adverse effect on their ability to walk. Mobility assessments will be carried out for applicants with mobility issues.

5) People who do not have arms or have a long-term loss of the use of both arms –

6) People who have a learning disability that is defined as 'a state of arrested or incomplete development of mind which includes significant impairment of intelligence and social functioning'

7) People who, if they applied for the grant of a licence to drive a motor vehicle under Part III of the Road Traffic Act 1988, would have their application refused pursuant to section 92 of the Act (physical fitness) otherwise than on the ground of persistent misuse of drugs or alcohol. You will be required to either provide a letter from the DVLA or a ‘Fitness to drive’ form to be completed by a Doctor or Consultant Psychiatrist.

How to apply

The Freedom Pass form is available to down load from the Inspire Website or you may call 020 3045 5329 to request a form to be sent out to you.
We will assess your application and, if you qualify for a pass, you will be required to come to the Inspire office to collect your pass.

Lost, stolen, damaged or faulty passes?

Contact the Freedom Pass helpline: 0300 330 1433 (local call rate, open Monday - Sunday 8am to 8pm) or email info@freedompass.org

Freedom Pass holders who lose or damage their passes will be charged £10 for replacements.

The Freedom Pass is paid for by your local council and the scheme is managed by London Councils on behalf of the London boroughs.

Contact us

You may contact us at the Freedom Pass Team on 020 3045 5329 for any enquiries.



Many thanks for your help. I found the service excellent and your kind attitude was very much appreciated.  


Came for an assessment but was also helped with a walking stick and information on attendance allowance for us. For us, personally, you could not improve your service to us. You all attended my mother in a kind, friendly and professional way.

Opening hours: Currently  Closed due to the Covid Lockdown

Phone: 020 3045 5100

Email: info@inspirecommunitytrust.org

Frequently Asked Questions - Freedom Pass Scheme

Will the Freedom Pass be sent to my home address?

Those applying for the older persons pass will have their pass sent to their home address. Those applying for the disability pass will have to come to the Inspire office to collect their pass in person.

When can I apply for the statutory older persons Freedom Pass?

You may apply for the statutory older persons pass when you reach the age of the womens pension age if you were born between 6th November 1952 and 5th October 1954. People born after 6th October 1954 can apply on their 66th birthday.

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