Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge scheme provides a range of parking benefits for disabled people who travel either as drivers or as passengers. The scheme operates throughout the UK.

Having a Blue Badge helps people who have difficulty in walking to park close to their destination, either as a passenger or driver. However, the badge is only valid for on-street parking and does not automatically apply to other car parks (such as those belonging to the Local Authority, Supermarkets, etc.) or on privately owned roads and at airports. Issuing of the badge is governed by legislation and people have to meet the criteria. The scheme applies to people with a disability that affects their walking significantly.

Inspire has the responsibility for issuing Blue Badges to people of all ages with disabilities on behalf of the London Borough of Bexley.

Please click on the links below to find out about the Blue Badge process:

Please note that this application form is for people with physical mobility and hidden disabilities only.  If you require a form for Under 3 special rules or severe disability in both arms, please e-mail or write to: Blue Badge Co-ordinator, Inspire Community Trust, 20 Whitehall Lane, Slade Green, Kent, DA8 2DH.

Please Note you should only use or websites for applying for a blue badge not any others as we have been made aware that there are other website offering to assist with a Blue Badge application, which charge a high amount.  



For information on the Freedom Pass please go to the menu bar at the top of this page, then select 'Services', then on the drop down menu select the 'Blue Badge and Freedom Pass' option, then the Freedom Pass scheme



Many thanks for your help. I found the service excellent and your kind attitude was very much appreciated.  


Came for an assessment but was also helped with a walking stick and information on attendance allowance for us. For us, personally, you could not improve your service to us. You all attended my mother in a kind, friendly and professional way.

Opening hours: Currently  Closed due to the Covid Lockdown

Phone: 020 3045 5100


Frequently Asked Questions - Blue Badge Scheme

Why do we have to pay £10 for the badge?

The blue badge scheme is a government scheme, but the government ask the local authorities to administer it on their behalf. Badges have also to be purchased, so the £10 fee is a small contribution the Local Authority costs.  If you are not found to be eligible for the badge following assessment then this money is refunded.

Why do I have to collect my badge in person?

The Department for Transport request that all badge holders collect their badge in person and hand over an expiring badge. This is done in part to try and prevent the misuse of the scheme

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